We believe in mutual satisfaction of employees and employers.

About us


Hevelio is an expert in personnel consulting. We want to make job search quick, easy and safe. In this way, Hevelio comprehensively assists employees in all aspects of job search in Germany. Simultaneously, we want to help the employer find a reliable and trustworthy employee.

We are a temporary employment agency that adheres to the principle of fair play and full transparency towards both the employee and the employer. We provide the employer with a tailored profile of an employee who, in addition to work, is provided with our support in everyday life.


Team Hevelio

Sonja Schmidt


As Managing Director of Hevelio, Sonja is responsible for the strategic development of the company. Taking care of existing customers as well as winning over new clients with Hevelio spirit is Sonja’s daily job as well.  With a lot of passion for the region and her friendly and motivating manner, she keeps the team together and perfectly represents Hevelio.

Julian Krümpel

Managing Partner

Co-founder of Hevelio and CEO of Kortmann Group. For 10 years in banking, Julian became an expert in finance and human resources management. He is aware of the challenge of meeting human resources needs through temporary work. That is why he uses his experience and contacts to provide employers with the highest quality services from Hevelio.


Henning Kortmann


Henning is a partner and shareholder of Hevelio. On a daily basis, he is a Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kortmann Group and General Manager of the multi-generational company Kortmann Beton. Thanks to his education in international trade and business administration, as well as his knowledge of the building materials industry, Henning also supports Hevelio as an experienced consultant and specialist.


Timo Lamche


Timo is our control centre and has the total overview.
He is where all the threads between employees, customers and the back office come together.
A lot of information and to-dos every day are child’s play for him and he manages his tasks with a lot of power and organisational talent.
Whether it’s scheduling, employee support, transporting washing machines or sauna infusion – in Timo we have found an all-rounder who is always at full throttle.

Martha Vrdoljak

Management Assistant/Recruiting

With absolute woman power, Martha throws herself headlong into every task.
She now recruits for Hevelio in four languages – German, English, Croatian and, above all, Charmant 😉 .
With her friendly manner, she is very well received by our applicants and customers and always keeps the team in a good mood.

Edith Schiebener


Edith is our always cheerful sunshine.
Her dog Rosi also has a job with us and supports our pack in the office.
With a lot of professional experience and her relaxed manner, Edith penetrates the depths of our payroll programme every day.
She accepts every challenge and successfully digs into every topic.
Edith, you are an absolute doer, absolutely perfect for us and we can’t imagine Teamgelb without you.

Agnieszka Swidzinska


Our Agnieszka charms all applicants with her friendly manner and beautiful voice.
She can empathise perfectly with our starters, as she has already had this exciting experience herself.
She came to Hevelio from Poland to gain experience abroad and provided on-site support to our outreach client.
She is a great example of what can be achieved in a short time with diligence and will.
She now trains new recruiters in German and is an integral part of our team.

Paulina Sobieszczyk


Paulina is an absolute numbers person and keeps a close eye on everything and everyone.
She is our Sherlock Holmes of numbers, dates and facts and works super conscientiously.
She puts a lot of fire under our butts and is therefore the perfect person for the job.
It’s really fun to work with you Paulina, stay exactly as you are.

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