We believe in mutual satisfaction of employees and employers.

About us


Hevelio is an expert in personnel consulting. We want to make job search quick, easy and safe. In this way, Hevelio comprehensively assists employees in all aspects of job search in Germany. Simultaneously, we want to help the employer find a reliable and trustworthy employee.

We are a temporary employment agency that adheres to the principle of fair play and full transparency towards both the employee and the employer. We provide the employer with a tailored profile of an employee who, in addition to work, is provided with our support in everyday life.


Team Hevelio

Jacek Chloupek

Executive Partner

Jacek is a co-founder of Hevelio. For many years he has been active on the job placement market – seeing the unfailing needs of the market, he decided to propose a solution – Hevelio. Thanks to his business education and many years of experience in a managerial position, Jacek efficiently combines effective human resources management with technical knowledge and industry know-how.


Julian Krümpel

Managing Partner

Co-founder of Hevelio and CEO of Kortmann Group. For 10 years in banking, Julian became an expert in finance and human resources management. He is aware of the challenge of meeting human resources needs through temporary work. That is why he uses his experience and contacts to provide employers with the highest quality services from Hevelio.


Henning Kortmann


Henning is a partner and shareholder of Hevelio. On a daily basis, he is a Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kortmann Group and General Manager of the multi-generational company Kortmann Beton. Thanks to his education in international trade and business administration, as well as his knowledge of the building materials industry, Henning also supports Hevelio as an experienced consultant and specialist.


Paula Chudy

Associate Manager

Paula cooperates with our clients on a daily basis, dealing with marketing strategy and running advertising campaigns. Her technical skills are enriched by her artistic perspective, which allows her to give marketing activities a completely new dimension. Paula’s inborn interest in the world of marketing has developed while studying in the U.S. and the Netherlands, as well as working for an international corporation.

Sonja Schmidt

Sales Manager

Taking care of existing customers as well as winning over new clients with Hevelio spirit is Sonja’s daily job.  With a lot of passion for the region and her friendly and open manner, she perfectly represents Hevelio as well as complements the team. Years of experience in sales and good instincts in dealing with businesses make her an ideal partner for customers and employees.


Maciej Jesionka


Composure and firmness are characteristic features of Maciek. As an experienced soldier and civilian employee, he is definitely able to manage every situation connected with everyday work in the office. Maciek supports our employees in their everyday and professional life. In one word, Maciek is great support for our team.

Katarzyna Dubiel


The world of numbers belongs to our accountant Katarzyna. She gained her experience in various financial institutions in Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany. Privately, she is passionate about exotic destinations and foreign languages.

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